Terms & Conditions

Brought to you by Denby
Brought to you by Denby

We will provide you with our full terms and conditions when you arrange your storage with us but we have provided the below outline as guidance.

  • You must ensure that the unit is locked so as to be secure from unauthorised entry at all times when you are not in the unit. 


  • The goods in the unit must be your own property, or you have authority to store the goods if owned by someone else. 


  • Prohibited items include perishable goods, living creatures, flammable or combustible items, explosives, chemicals, asbestos or potentially damaging materials, any item which emits odour or fumes, any illegal or counterfeit substances or items, compressed gases. 


  • If the container rental remains unpaid after three months, LN6 Self Storage reserve the right to remove the contents and dispose of them as we see fit. Any funds released from the disposal of the goods will be allocated against the outstanding debt. 


  • LN6 Self Storage are responsible for insuring the container itself. We do not insure or arrange insurance for the goods. You are obliged to insure the goods for their total replacement value. We have no liability for uninsured loss. 


  • You must pay us the deposit on your signature of the agreement. The deposit will be returned to you (without interest) within 21 days of the agreement terminating, less any outstanding fees, repairs or cleaning we consider is required. 


  • We require one calendar months’ notice. i.e. you can let us know anytime in month 1 that you would like to leave, you will be asked to vacate by the end of month 2. Both months will be charged as normal. 


  • We ask for payment by standing order to be paid into our bank account by the 26th of the month prior to the hire period. For example, December rental must be paid by the 26th November. 


  • Minimum term is one month but there are no additional charges and no limit on how much you can store. Any removals under one month will be charged and no refund will be given. 


  • The keys and lock should be returned to LN6 Self Storage. Loss of a key will incur a £50 replacement charge.


  • The person/company renting the container is responsible for leaving it empty, clean and tidy. 


  • Vehicles entering or parked on the site do so at their own risk. The management will not accept responsibility for damage, accident or loss.


  • You must ensure that the unit is locked using only the lock provided by us and that the unit is secure from unauthorised entry at all times when you are not accessing it. 


  • Given the nature of our business, we do from time-to-time receive visits from various regulatory and/or government bodies, including without limitation Trading Standards and the Police (each being an “Authority”). Where requested to do so by an Authority, we will provide them with (i) your name, address and other contact/personal details, and (ii) access to your unit(s) and the goods stored therein (including to seize any goods). You acknowledge that, regardless of whether such Authority was legally entitled to such provision, access or seizure, we will have no liability whatsoever under any legal theory to you as a result of complying with such a request. You will take any dispute relating to such events up with the Authority concerned.

Any Questions? Refer to our FAQ page or please contact us:
01522 503913   storage@denbytransport.co.uk